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Pridicraft has stopped trading-No Order can be fulfilled anymore. We wish to thank ALL our OLD and EXISTING Customer for their Support over the Years.Unfortunately the Workload has become too heavy for Kobus and he decided to call it a day and retire.

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The present economic climate has made it very difficult for† decoupage and scrap artists to continue with their beloved hobbies.†† That is why, at Pridiacraft, our first aim is to keep our prices as low as possible, sometimes to our own detriment.
Apart from the usual decoupage blanks we are forever trying new approaches to the storing of scrapbook paper and embellishment and we have a number of different designs on our website.††† Most have come from suggestions by our clients and we remain grateful to them for their input.†† If you have a special idea, it being in respect of storage, blanks, words or combinations of cut outs and words, we will gladly make it up to your specifications.
We love working with wood, expensive as it may be, and apart from the scrapbook frames we make, both single and double, we can also make a box frame to your specifications to store that very special something you want to keep, such as your wedding bouquet, baby shoes or whatever.†††† Trays, wooden as well as from supawood (MDF board), is another very popular item on our list. We make them all sizes, according to individual client requirements.†† Wood and supawood combination photo frame trays is a special product we make for one of our very valued clients. Also easels, display easels of around 40cm to sturdy artists easels with a height of 1,6m and adjustable carriage, suitable for artists as well as for display of boards sized A1 and even larger.
Despite our wide range of products we are quite tiny. A small workshop manned by two people. US. And we work very hard to try to please everybody all of the time, but we do need enough time to process an order properly and we canít carry any stock.
In return, we promise you our personal attention to every detail of your order, thus ensuring quality control throughout.
Enjoy a browse through our website.
En onthou:† Afrikaanse navrae is baie welkom.